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The vending concept

In order to develop a vending e-tricycle, the concept of vending is analysed first. Because this isn’t the first time that such a project is carried out, previous other projects are taken into account as well. What the purpose of that specific project was, if it succeeded and what could be interesting for this project are questions that will be answered in this chapter. Besides this, a summary of the regulations and the current situation in Jinja is given. In order to get the right regulations, a meeting with the Municipality was held. At the end a description of the innovation of this project is given.


Vending is defined as ‘the act of selling’ and this vending could be either products or services for a fee. They are an integral part of the economies around the world, offering easy access to all kind of products and services. Vendors sell everything that one could think of, such as vegetables, fruits, foods, crafts, consumer electronics, etc. Hawking is almost similar as vending, however they sell more aggressively by screaming out for example. Hawkers are defined as people who sell mobile goods.


In big cities one could see a lot of vending, yet it is difficult to accurately estimate their numbers. In many countries, the majority of street vendors are women (Roever, 2014). Because there are low barriers to startup and there are flexible hours, people easily start up a vending business. Many people, however, enter street vending because they cannot find a job. On the street there is a lot of competition and street venders need some very good bargaining and negotiating skills. The circumstances on the street aren’t ideal for the vendors. Most of the time they have to deal with the weather and traffic and besides this they don’t have shelter, running water or a toilet close to their workplace. For transporting and displaying their goods they often use clothes, baskets, cards, bikes or even small vans.


Previous projects

Three projects that have similarities with the project of the vending tricycle are analysed to get a better understanding and learn from their strengths and weaknesses.

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