Low tech artefacts

ESD Project Group 12

The group’s chosen stream is Low Tech Artefacts. What is considered low tech artefacts is furniture, toys, bicycles, … Upon looking into the different streams it quickly became clear that bicycles are a really interesting topic in The Hague. As most cities in The Netherlands, The Hague is full of bicycles and people using them. Everyone has experienced at least once being almost run over by a biker, or missing a train because there weren’t any spots left to park your bicycle or having to buy a new one because yours was stolen in the city center. These are common problems in every Dutch city (De Fietsersbond) but there is also a lot of potential in this particular stream. In The Hague, lots of start-ups are being created and some people already thought of improving the cycling experience in the city, such as We Recycle and Biesieklette. Another main reason for choosing bicycles is that in contrast to cars, it promotes a healthy lifestyle which is essential for future cities as health problems due to our bad lifestyle is at its worst especially in cities (CitiesAlive, Arup).

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