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BamGoo - Initial Design

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As part of our project we are going to develop the BamGoo bicycle. It is a project originally initiated by Sara Urasini. We will start this pilot project when we are in Okana. The idea is that we will generate income from selling the bike systems to maintain the community centre. When we arrive in Kenya we will start by doing research, especially on the fabrics. The currently used material for the baskets is very expensive and we need to bring the costs down. In the first attachment you can see a sketch of the current design.

BamGoo_sketch_revisited concept.jpeg

In the second attachment you can read some information about the idea. It explains why the BamGoo idea is an improvement for Kenya and why it is better than other transport services.

The BamGoo project is the winner of the International Bicycle Design Competition in the service/facility segment. In the third attachment you can see the presentation that was used during the presentation for a social design competition in Munich.

Finally you can read about the costs off the BamGoo frame and the plan we have for the future in the last attachment.


Below you can see some pictures of the concept Sara made.


Side view BamGoo Bicycle 


Link with baskets



Link 2.jpg

Bamboo Link
Bamboo links