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Self Help Community Centre Cambodia

A Safe Environment For Disadvantaged Children And Young Adults

In Siem Reap, Cambodia the Self Help Community Centre (SHCC) provides a safe environment for over 1500 disadvantaged children and young adults in the Kro Bei Riel Community. They are a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and they offer several things. They provide sustainable development and they educate the younger generations to become self-sufficient and sustainable in the future.

The SHCC works only with native Cambodians and they relies only on donations and funding from international contributors and supporters from all over the world. SHCC give a guaranty that all of the funding is used to directly help its projects and the community.

To make the community self-sufficient they educate in three different area’s:

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Money Management & Self sufficiency
  • Life Skills, Hygiene & Nutrition

As part of this programme they visit the students and their family at home so that they can give proper advice, support and guidance in the areas they need assistance in. They also organize community days where everybody who is interested can take classes in for instance health, first aid or environmental issues. When somebody has a good idea for a start-up they will help in team building training and problem solving skills. The start-up however needs to be a sustainable and environmental friendly profit making venture. At last they provide general guidance for those who need.

Youth Development Programme

Another programme they develop is the Youth Development Programme. In this programme the SHCC learn from the students in grades 10-12 and the students learn from the SHCC. The students wish to be involved in community initiatives in creating a more self-sufficient community. They volunteer their time and they help the SHCC in education and home visits. They also assist with the community work projects and act as representatives for each of the villages SHCC service.

In return they are helped with their study and they are encouraged to go to State high school classes. The students can choose a subject of their own interest and they can learn more about it. Besides that they gain team building skills, first aid skills, education in money management, health and hygiene and environmental awareness.

The Future

In the future they plan to provide continual education on environmental awareness and create a cleaner and safer environment and community. Second they want to learn the students and the community to become independent and confident in making good life choices, so that they can generate income and that the locals have appreciation for the income. Another thing they want to reach is ending poverty and hunger within the Kro Bei Riel Community through education and empowering the members of the community to sustain their own livelihoods.



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