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Continuation of the project

Article about the continuation of our project after we leave

When we leave Molo at the end of January, it is necessary that work on the project will be continued. Not only after nine months when our successors come to Molo, but during the gap in between visits of students of the TU Delft there should be someone that keeps in touch with the youngsters and eventually monitors their businesses. This is important for the viability of the project, because it is possible the youngsters will return to their previous pursuits after we leave and the next group has to start all over again. As our project is part of the development plan of the congregation, the success or failure of the project should also concern the sisters of the congregation. In our conversations with Ester Mwaniki it appeared that there are indeed some sisters who have time to spare. These sisters could be made responsible for keeping alive the project after we leave.

In the following years, the income generating program we designed in Molo should be executed. It is possible that the next group will be constructing the business school (if that proves to be an option) or that they will guide a new group of youngsters into starting their own companies, building on the thrust we gained with the community.

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