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The deliverables of our project

Because our project in the basis is really exploratory, we won’t have concrete products delivered at the end of our project like greenhouses or buildings. However, we will be doing a lot of research on the situation and opportunities in Molo. This knowledge has to be passed on to the next group that goes to Molo, therefore it is important to document all research and conclusions on the openresearch platform. We are going to achieve this with writing a report at the end of every stage (block) of the schedule described in the section Project structure/activities, and submitting it to the openresearch platform. All deliverables are summarized below in order of priority, described using the MoSCoW method:


Must (things we have to do during the time we are in Kenya, or we have to consider the project a failure):

  • Write down all our analyses and conclusions gain during our stay
  • Connect with a group of youngsters and gain their thrust.
  • Improved social cohesion within the group of youngsters.
  • Create a program that helps the jobless youngsters to generate their own income.
  • Select enthusiastic youngsters that could take part in the program.
  • Write a report about the viability of a business school.
  • Should (important things we can do to make to project a bigger success)


Should (important things we can do to make to project a bigger success)

  •  Help youngsters to generate their own income.


Could (things we might do if we have time to spare)

  • Have a professional teaching a small group of youngsters how to generate their income
  • using some kind of profession.
  • Begin with preparations for a business school.


Would (things we probably won’t do, dreams)

  • Start building the business school.
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