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Management of risk and contingencies

Article about the management of risk and contingencies

There are a couple of risks connected to the project that may compromise the chance of success of the project. Beneath we will discuss each of this risks apart from each other.

 The language barrier
What if we can’t connect to the youth, because we can’t speak their language? If this is the case, one of the sisters within the congregation is willing to translate for us according to Esther. When she is occupied, we understood someone in Molo is willing to translate.

 The intentions of the youth
In our project, we focus on analysis of what the youth wants. We adapt ourselves to the needs of the youth, and create a business model starting from their needs. But, what if the youth does not want to start a business at all? We have to find a way to motivate them!

What if we find out that our project needs a funding when we already are in Kenya? Students 4 Sustainability is willing to fund our project if we send them a solid business plan after the first month in Kenya. But it might not be enough, and we will have to change plans.

What if the experience and education of the youth is insufficient for starting a business? For the subject of Sewing we can rely on the expertise of the sisters of the congregation. For the subject of ICT, we can rely on our own expertise. For other subjects we have to hire a professional who has experience in one of those areas.

We will live and sleep in a building without electricity and water. We have to buy a modem in a shop near Molo, this way we can connect to the internet. But it might not be of great quality. What if the house in which we stay doesn’t have any serious means of communication? In that case we will have to move our office to another location.

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