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Analysis of the problem

The analysis of the problem we will try to solve during our project

In December of 2007 President Mwai Kibaki was declared as winner of the presidential election of Kenya. Supporters of Kibaki’s opponent alleged electoral manipulation which was widely confirmed by international observers. Because of this huge riots started, where people got on a violent rampage killing. Mass protests started, also in Nakuru, our region.

These series of events were a disaster for the Economy of Kenya and the social-cultural situation. People moved out of their houses, and fled to other regions. People lost their jobs and there was absolute chaos in the country. Right now these events are almost 10 years ago. People are slowly getting back to where they once lived, like Molo. But there are still a lot of problems, for example the amount of educated jobless young people in Molo, which is huge. There are different problems that can be distinguished:

  • There is a huge problems as regards to trusting each other
  • The development of the people, economy and region lags behind
  • The youngster have no jobs, no perspective, no confidence for the future. This situation in combination with the lack of money and possibilities causes them to be passive.
  • There is a lot of criminality, use of drugs
  • There is not a lot of social cohesion, no unifying feeling

There is a big need for change. There is a group of young and educated jobless people with a small perspective but a huge potential. The lack of further education after they finished high school with which knowledge they could get a job or start their own business is the missing key. With our project we could help them further on this point and generate an income for them. We could give them just that part of education, inspiration and motivation that is missing right now.

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