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A summary of our project plan

Kenya is an amazing country with some big complex problems. We are Chris Berg, Jochem Michiels and Ivo van der Horst and we would like to solve one of these problems. Our goal is to create jobs and perspective for the jobless youth of Molo, in Kenya.

Explore, connect, plan and execute: those are the three key activities we will be performing in the time we will go to Molo. Since we are the first group ever of the TU Delft to go to Molo, we will be exploring the region and the possibilities for starting a company in the beginning of the project. The next phase is to connect to the youth: we will organise activities that stimulate the connection between us and them, but also we want to enlarge trust between the citizens themselves, since the tribes don’t get along very well. After this we know what the young people need, and we’ll make a plan for the future: how are we going to help these youngsters get a job? When it is possible, we will make a start with the execution of the plan.

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