IED Students are leaving for their destinations!

The minor International Entrepreneurship and Development focuses on creating innovation through the engagement of different cultures and minds. In the age of globalization, the minor is mainly concerned with achieving a new vision on development through technology and entrepreneurship. The students participating the minor are introduced to very challenging topics in developing countries, where they experience in first-hand the key points of setting and supporting sustainable enterprises.

ied projects screen shot.jpg

Each project group of the IED Minor travels around the world to collaborate beyond borders in different cultural contexts with partners from host countries. This is their internship period, in which they work on their projects with the aim to flourish sustainable initiatives. The IED 2016 Minor has twenty different project groups that takes place in three different continents.

The first groups from IED 2016 students are leaving this week for their internship destinations. They will keep us updated about the proceedings of their project, through their publications on openresearch.


This week we had a very nice session with the students about documenting their findings through visual analysis, photos and videos. Ruben Wiersma gave a crash course on photography, filming and editing, while Pinar Sefkatli introduced some key points in visually analysing the environment.

The links for both lectures are on openesearch platform. The Video Workshop and Analyzing Spatial Flows exercise can be found in the RI Skill Labs Collection.