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Experiment 3: Making fruit rolls

In this article we will show how the make fruit rolls. A fun way of drying fruit and a nice way to get local sponsors!

After being inspired by this blog about making fruit rolls, we decided to try to make some fruit rolls ourselves. Fruit rolls are very thin dried slices of mixed fruits. They are very sweet and taste a bit like healthy candies. If we can find a way to make them easily, we could introduce a new product at the Gambian market which can be made locally. Our local supervisor says she has not seen these rolls yet at the market.

Step 1: Choose and purchase your fruits

We decided to make mango-banana rolls. Mango and banana are two very sweet fruits which are widely available in the Gambia.

Step 2: Cut your fruit in pieces and try to mix into the smallest pieces possible

Since there probably will not be any electrical mixer available in The Gambia, we grinded the small pieces by using a hand-grinder. This gave some trouble in the beginning, but eventually with some experience we manage to mix the fruits quite smoothely.

Step 3: Dry-cook the fruit-mix until it is thick enough

In the beginning there will be a lot of moist in your fruit-mix. It will be hard to put the mixture on an oven rack if it is very fluid. Therefore you have to dry-cook the mixture first for it to thicken.

Step 4: Place the mixture on the oven rack

When putting the mixture on the oven rack, divide it as much as possible. Make the fruit layer very thin as possible, but make sure so don’t see the baking paper through it, otherwise your fruit roll will break.

Step 5: Heat the mixture at 100  ͦC for a couple of hours until it is dry

Step 6: Cut the mixed fruit into slices and roll them up for your fruit rolls!


After this experiment, we successfully remade this fruit rolls at home. We went to neighbours are friend and earned 100 euros by selling these rolls. People appreciate the link with our project and most have never tasted fruit rolls before. It is a really promising way to get more sponsors!

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