For the assignment students were assigned groups and each group got a theme. One of the themes chosen was WORK, with the corresponding subject Energy Control. The group assessed this subject using Contructive Technology Assessment, they did this by creating a Top and a Flop scenario.

Goal of the assignment was to have the group execute a Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) for the technological innovation of Energy Control, corresponding to the theme WORK. 

The Energy Control innovation is a device that enables you to influence your energy level and therefore your mood. While this could increase productivity and may contribute to peace, this innovation could incluse aspects of great risk to society. 

Part of the CTA is constructing scenarios based on two independent values that play a big role within the theme WORK. The two values that were chosen were Control and Unity. In the Top scenario people would live in an Utopia: society would be united and in control. But in the Flop scenario people would be brainwashed: society would be incontrollable because of the device and instead of unity society would be segregated.

The Top scenario was acted out as a World Union meeting, where world leaders would speak to make world peace. Where nowadays there would be dispute and no consensus, using the Energy Control device people would be able to remain calm and be reasonable.

The Flop scenario was acted out as a suburb where a conflict between to strangers arose. During this conflict the first stranger murdered the second, which initially lead to panic amongst bystanders. But using the Energy Control device, panic was surpressed and people moved along with their lives as though nothing had happened.