Afaina de Jong


Afaina believes in the practice of an active architecture that goes beyond just making buildings. Prior to starting her research and design studio AFARAI in 2005, she worked for the Hakuhodo Institute of Live and Living in Tokyo and at AMO-OMA. Afaina's aim is to cross the boundaries of the traditional architecture practice by dealing with the existing city with a multidisciplinary approach, integrating research and design with a strong focus on social design. With AFARAI she has worked on a divers portfolio of projects from architectural design for the Architectural League in New York to monumental re-use projects like the MC theater and the redevelopment the Hofplein station into a shopping-mall for creative entrepreneurs. In 2012 Afaina published her first book for the People, By the People; a visual story on the DIY city and opened the Creative Space Ultra de la Rue in Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District. Afaina joined Complex Projects in 2014 and is currently working on her PHD research at the TU Delft.