Pieter Steyaert

Big Data Artist

Pieter Steyaert graduated as a master in Fine arts at Sint-Lucas Ghent (Belgium) and has studied design computing at the university of Sydney. He is a member of the global Biomodd-community (Delft, Sint-Niklaas, New York) and Seeker (Ljubljana). He currently studies Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

He recently co-founded the collective Dorids with graphic designer / technologist Lucas Caesens. Dorids is a two-man design collective with a passion for interactivity, art, design and code.


University of Sydney - DECO3100 - Information Visualisation studio || Design Computing

Constanza Casas (CL)
Mark C Mitchell (AU)
Pieter Steyaert (BE)

Made in Processing with GL graphics / OpenGL, Toxic Libs, Proscene, OSCP5, Tuio and a lot of passion.

Audio Handling done in Quartz Composer with kineme's audio tools.

Created for a G3 42" touch-tablet (PQLabs)

Song: Kétsarkú Mozgalom - Venetian Snares