Lecture 2: (Big) Data, Big Promise

Data for Peace & Justice (Minor Responsible Innovation)

How can we leverage the potential of (Big) Data for furthering Peace & Justice? Will more data allow us to improve policy responses to humanitarian crises and violent conflicts? Could digital technologies help us bring about sustainable development?

Big Data has often been described as a fuel for both innovation and our economy. It is being applied in many areas, for example financial markets, health and fast moving consumer goods. Within this lecture, we try to understand the hype around Big Data and explore how it could be used in order to confront complex societal challenges in the fields of sustainable development, humanitarian action as well as peace & justice. 


Lecture Objectives

indication of key learning objectives on the basis of the lecture 

  • Appraise the concept of (Big) Data and identify its components;
  • Assess the challenges in applying new types of data for confronting complex societal challenges within the domain of peace and justice;
  • Recognise and explain the potential of the data revolution for peace and justice.
reference to mandatory and/or recommended literature and other sources with provision of links