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Economical Development

Economical oppurtunities in Kisumu and Okana

Okana is located nearby Lake Victoria and Kisumu. Okana could benefit from the upcoming city Kisumu .


Okana is located in the East of Africa and it has approximately 5000 inhabitants. Okana does not have a very developed infrastructure and poverty is a problem. Many of them are not familiar with using a computer or mobile phone. However Okana is located only 30 minutes away from Kisumu, the third biggest city of Africa.


Kisumu is a port town and there are multiple rich companies that want to invest in infrastructure and facility’s. It has a strategic location and abundant resources to create economic growth. For more information see this link:

General information Kisumu


The port of Kisumu can play a big role in the development of Kenya and the surrounding cities around lake Victoria. But at this moment the port is operating at a mere of 20 percent of its capacity and there is a lot of work to do until the capacity can be raised. Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world and encompasses parts of Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and therefore Kisumu could be the chain in international trading. Before that can happen the roads outside of Kisumu need to be improved so that efficient transport can be possible. Beyond the practical things there also needs to be a proper way of managing the port. At this moment the Kenya Railways Corporation is managing the port, but the Kenya Ports Authority are becoming the new leaders. The Netherlands-African Business Counci published more interesting information:

Future of Kisumu Port

Kisumu Port

The little towns around Lake Victoria do not benefit from tourism. There are some attractions, but they do not generate a significant income. Okana is a true African village, not influenced by Western countries or big multinationals. Ofcourse they have modern techniques but the people are living very sober. 

Despite that there still are some places worth mentioning. There is a museum, an Art house, and there are even big shopping malls where you can find almost everything. In Kibuye (near Okana and Kisumu) is one of the biggest markets in East Africa, so if you want a big variety of fresh food, you can go there. Last but not least there is Impala park named after the Impala antelopes that live there. You can also see wild animals such as rhinos, monkeys, lions, ostriches, leopards and hyenas. At the end of your day you can relax and have a nice romantic diner with a view.

Dinner with a view


There are loads of technology that needs to be learned in Kisumu and Okana. For the expanse of the port there needs to be a better way of distributing items and therefore the processes needs to be improved. Besides that the locale people need to know how to run a small company in for instance delivering items, they need to know how to use IT facilities that can improve entrepreneurialism and therefore an ICT facility is being installed in the community centre.