Formulating feedback

When formulating feedback, one needs to take the listener into account. It is not easy to be critiqued and yet it is great to receive good feedback because it will improve the quality of one's own work. Respect for having created something that can be critiqued, needs to resonate in the way one formulates feedback.

When formulating feedback a classic rule is to give Tips and Tops. To hear what is good in a specific piece of work is rewarding. To hear what could be better done, is stimulating.

When giving feedback one can comment on different elements:

  • the structure of a text
  • the consistency of the argument
  • the style in which the argument is presented
  • the visual contribution to the text
  • the quality of analyses
  • the societal relevance
  • the academic contribution
  • creative capacity of the work
  • humour in the text