Witnessing You - Sharing interdisciplinary research between 44 authors

Between 2009 and 2012 the research project Witnessing You took place. Principal investigator was Caroline Nevejan. Inspired by the emerging ontology in the experiment of making a hypertext of the dissertation, Nevejan designed a specific methodology for including artistic research in the larger academic study.

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This work can be seen at:

Using the same Anymeta software, predecessor of Ginger, and with the team of Mediamatic Lab a new interface was designed for including more authors and for developing a shared ontology.

Twenty two interviews were realised, divided into units of meaning, uploaded and keywords were attributed. A special issue on Witnessed Presence was made with AI & Society, journal for Knowledge, Culture and Communication and each of these papers was  entered into the database on paragraph level. ASpecific artists were invited to contribute. ll authors answered one question:

"What happen when on eis witness to an other?

Artists made autonomous work inspired by this question and then reflected on the shared research platform on their work. With principal investigator then after keywords were attributed.

The process of attribution of keywords became a very personal. Principal investigator had attributed keywords to all interviews and all academic papers. Now with the artists a long conversation took place on which keywords would be appropriate.

In the process of attributing keywords new keywords were made from time to time. Also keywords that were hardly used were merged. As result one can notice that the keywords who remained are not descriptive. They are keywords for making relations. Through relations meaning emerges.

In Anymeta and now in Ginger "everything is a thing". This radical editorial position has allowed for developing this emerging ontologies. 

Further research need to inquire how sic merging ontologies can be orchestrated on a larger scale.