Edit your work

This platform is created in order to stimulate working together and inspiring each other. By sharing your work you can have it reviewed by students and professors, and their feedback can help you improve the quality of your work. Finally, your best work can be shared with the entire world, so your valuable research insights can be of use for other organisations and companies operating in your area of research.

In order to reach these goals, it is important to use all the functionalities this editorial platform has to offer.

- Make good titles that are catchy and distinct

- Make a good short summary which explains what one is about to read. 

- Pay attention to the language you use. Be specific with data, show background,write in an accessible way

- Add images, audio and visuals

- Be aware of the unit of meaning

- Always add keywords to your work. Read more on the subject of adding keywords here.

- Do not offend people


Before adding your work (an article or a collection) to the workspace, you can choose who you would like to share your work with. You can decide whether or not you want your work to appear in match/search results.

Work shared as 'work in progress' is visible exclusively to the people in your workspace, and can also be edited by them.

Work shared with all members is visible to everybody who is registered on the platform. This setting is required when asking anyone for feedback. The asking for feedback feature only works when the content is set to 'shared'.

After adding the content, it will appear in your workspace overview under the bar according to the sharing option you have selected (shared/work in progress). 

For work that is finished and interesting for a larger audience a request for publication can be filed with the supervising professor. When published, the work can be seen in the project space under the category 'published'.