Introduction - IED Project Research and Design

Study Guide

Course Contents

In the first three months, when students are preparing for their field trip, methods for desk research in the various other modules are discussed and applied on the concrete cases. Also methodologies for ‘research through design’ are explored to help students to prepare for the field trip. The notions of design trajectories, boundary objects and scenario building are explored. To this end students will work in the editorial Ginger platform, for allowing students to share their research and reflect upon it. As result a project plan is constituted in the Ginger platform in which knowledge from all modules is applied and preliminary ‘research through design’ is shown.
During the field trip some supervisors and students keep on working in the Ginger Platform and publish their findings, ongoing research and design on a weekly basis to share with other students and stakeholders. For these students the final assessment is given on the basis of the publications in Ginger. Other students agree with their supervisors to make regular reports sent by email and write a concluding report at the end.


Study Goals

1. To apply insight and knowledge of the different modules of the minor International Entrepreneurship for Development, consistently and creatively
2. To share and reflect on personal research and design with team members
3. To collaborate interdisciplinary in case studies with students coming from different disciplines
4. To make results of research and design visible and publish professionally about research and design for fellow students and stakeholders of the cases to be executed


Education Method

1. Research and design exercises to prepare for field trip
2. Structured shared reflection in peer groups
3. Publishing work in progress
4. Presentation of work in progress
5. Creating a project plan



The grade of the assessment is defined by preliminary research before the field trip and the completion of the project plan. Students publish work in the editorial Ginger platform and are assessed on the following criteria:

A. the consistent application of all modules in the minor International Entrepreneurship for Development to the specific case the student is working on
B. quality of site analyses and potential strategies (possible innovations, added value, stakeholder commitment, creative solutions, concreteness and business potential)
C. the quality of the executed ‘research through design’ in preparation for the field trip
D. productivity of interdisciplinary collaboration between students in doing the research and assembling the project plan
E. the quality of the project plan published in Openresearch Platform: consistent, complete and creative


50% Published preparation of filed research and project plan: deadline 27th of October 2016

50% final results published in Openresearch Platform, including 'request for publication': deadline 6th of February




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