Giving and receiving feedback

How to request and answer feedback requests with your desired privacy settings, and how to submit your (group) work for publication.

  1. Navigate to the content you would like to receive feedback about. You can do so by using your personal dashboard to find the content you have authored or by navigating to the workspace you are in. Note that the article or collection has to be set to shared, in order to be able to request feedback to anyone. 


  2. Use the 'new request for feedback' button in the bar below your article or collection to create a new request for feedback.


  3. A dialog pops up. This is where you write your request.

  4. Add one or multiple users you would like to provide you with feedback.

  5. Select whether you want the feedback thread to be visible for all logged in users (public), or exclusively visible for the person you have invited to give feedback (private).

  6. Send the feedback request by clicking 'save'. 

  7. Both the public and private feedback thread will appear below the article (the private feedback will only be visible to the users involved). 

  8. You can create an overview of the requested feedback and its recipients, and close it again by means of the arrows pointing down on both the 'Public' and 'Private' bars.

    Test_article_for_manual_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 2.png
  9. When your requests for feedback have been answered, you will receive a notification in the drop down menu left of your avatar. This is also the place where you will be notified when people are requesting feedback from you.

    How you will be notified about answered feedback.
    Test_article_for_manual_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 6.png
    How you will be notified about feedback requests you received.
    TU_Delft_Open_Research_Platform_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 2.png
  10. You can use the drop down menu to navigate directly to the feedback item, by simply clicking it. It will also be visible in the overview below the article the feedback is about. 

    Test_article_for_manual_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 5.png
  11. After you have processed the feedback, you can choose to archive it by simply clicking the 'Archive' button. 

    Test_article_for_manual_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 7.png
  12. After doing so, the feedback will still appear below the article the feedback was about, but the category will have changed to 'Archived'.

    Test_article_for_manual_-_TU_Delft_OpenResearch_net 8.png
  13. You can always find an overview of all your feedback by navigating to the feedback notifications drop down, and clicking 'all my feedback'. This will take you to an overview of all feedback requests and answers (you can see both the button in the drop down menu, as well as the overview in the background).

    Feedback_for_Krista_Test 2.png