Showcases, projects and workspaces

As a student registered on this platform, you are part of one of three minors or a course. To the minor belong workspaces, projects and showcases. 



You can approach your workspace through your personal profile page. You can do so by clicking your profile picture in the upper right corner of the page. The 'Part of' section of your profile page shows hyperlinks to the minor and the workspace(s) you are in. Click the hyperlink to access the desired workspace. That hyperlink will take you to the workspace of your project group, only visible for logged in members of the platform. This is where you upload your work to have it reviewed by your group members, or any member logged into the platform. There are three levels for sharing content, which you can set when adding a collection or article:

  • Work in progress: this work is only visible for the members in your workspace. 

  • Shared: this work is visible for all the members who have an account on this platform. Please note that the work has to be shared, in order for you to be able to ask anyone for public and/or private feedback.

  • Published: this work is visible for all the public visitors of the platform, no account required. In order for your work to be published, you have to submit your work to your coach, by requesting a publication. Please note that you can not edit your work anymore after requesting a publication.


In the 'Part of' section of your workspace, it shows that the workspace is part of a project. By clicking the hyperlink, you will be taken to the project page of the research project you are in. Now you have reached an overview page which shows information about the research project, your group members and your coach(es). This page is visible to the public and meant to inform visitors of the platform about your project and its research goals. You can edit the page to make the information as attractive and complete as possible.



Registered users have the possibility to create a personal showcase on their profile page. They can add existing articles to their showcase, which allows them to keep track of the articles they liked, improving the findability. You can find more about the showcases in this link.