Definitions of the most frequently used concepts on this platform.

  • Article
    An article is an item that can contain a title, summary and body text, including media items such as pictures, documents and (embed) videos. An article can be part of a collection or absolute. 

  • Collection
    A collection contains articles and includes information that serves as an introduction to the theme that ties the articles in the collection together.

  • Student 
    A student is a member of the platform and part of a minor, a project and a workspace in which he or she can add articles or collections, and review own work and that of other students in or outside of their own workspace (depending on the privacy settings on an article/collection).
  • Coach
    The professor from the respective university, appointed to guide the student research performed by the project group. The coach is authorised to accept/reject a student's request for publication.

  • Minor
    A minor is a declared secondary academic discipline during the student's undergraduate studies. This platform includes three minors: International Entrepreneurship and Development, Responsible Innovation and Engineering for Sustainable Development. The platform also includes the course Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • Project
    Within the minor, research areas can differ. This is why this platform refers to a 'Project' or 'Research Projects'. For example, the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development, has several different research projects such as Muima Toys Bycicle Crate Kenya and Mini Grid in Zambia. Th project page shows information about the project to all people who com via Internet. Via the project page you can enter, when you are registered as a ember of the project, the workspace.

  • Workspace
    Within the project, there are workspaces in which students can share their work with group members and all other members which are registered and logged onto the platform. In the workspace you can make articles which you can safe as 'Work in Progress or as 'Shared with 'All'. When work is "Shared wit All you can ask feedback.

  • Showcase
    When different projects work together in a larger research project, a shared 'showcase' can be made in which one can decide together what will and will nog be published 
  • Work in progress
    Work shared in a project's workspace, only visible for members of that workspace. 
  • All members/shared work
    Work shared in a project's workspace, visible for all the members that have an account for the platform. When asking a workspace member or other user for feedback, the work has to be set to 'shared'. 
  • Feedback 
    You can ask feedback Privately or publicly. Private feedback can only be seen by you, the author of the article. Public feedback can be seen by all registered users. These are students, coaches and some external stakeholders who are registered.
  • Publication 
    Work that has been approved by a student's coach, which is visible for all visitors on the platform, no account or log in required.