14- Lemon Grass Distillation Wayanad, India

Welcome to the project page of the Lemongrass Distillation project!

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Here, you will find general information about us and our project. You can follow the link to our workspace, where all our articles will be placed. Have fun taking a look around and don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!


Who are we?

We, Laurence and Jelmer, will be working on this project in India from October 2016-January 2017. Laurence is a third-year Molecular Science and Technology student and Jelmer a third-year Applied Physics student. We will be joining forces with Dr. Udaya Bhaskar from the Chemical Engineering department of Amrita University Ettimadai campus and two of his students, Mahesh and Prithvi. Together we hope to accomplish something great here!


from left to right: Laurence, Jelmer, Dr. Udaya

About the project:

In the old days the people of the tribal village of Valaramkunnu would make oil out of lemongrass by means of distillation and sell it on the market. Firewood was the main energy source, which would come from the forests. However, since a few years, the cutting of firewood has been prohibited by the government due to environmental concerns. Amrita University, a local university working on sustainabe development projects in rural areas, is taking initiative to reintroduce this process and provide the villagers with an income generating option using a sustainable energy source. A solar-powered prototype for the distillation of lemongrass has been developed and installed by a former group. They also designed a business plan for it. The assignment for us consists of further testing, introducing the technology to the local people (on-the-job training), fine-tuning and implementing the business plan, including marketing. That means that we should actually make the technology and enterprise work. 




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