Greenhouse Company Ghana


Food shortages and especially the production of nutritious vegetables by sustainable farming is an important issue in all of Africa, but also in Ghana. AfroEuro, the Dutch organization of Ghanaian migrants in the diaspora, supported by a Dutch greenhouse company, has taken initiative to start up a medium-sized greenhouse company in Ghana in the neighborhood of Kumasi. Under the supervision of the local representative of AfroEuro, a former student group has prepared an application for funding of the project by a Dutch foundation that specifically focuses on Ghana. The application comprises a business plan and marketing plan and a thoroughly underpinned financial paragraph.

We will be focusing on putting this business plan to practice and test it. The goal is to have a running sustainable greenhouse company at the end of our part of the project. In the upcoming months we will realize a prototype of the greenhouse and set up the educational program for the greenhouse educational center. The greenhouse should inspire (future) farmers in Ghana to start using a greenhouse themselves for cultivation. Therefore, building the greenhouse must be as cheap as possible so the average Ghanaian farmer can afford one.


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