9- Project Start-Up Tanzania

Enhancing business opportunities of young entrepreneurs in Tanzania with a sustainable approach.

In the rural parts of Tanzania, chances for the less well-off youth are sporadic. Most of these youngsters drop out of the educational system at a very young age, to start working in order to provide income for their family. These families are not only their parents and younger siblings, as teenage pregnancy is very common in these areas (Mbelwa, 2012). Because of these problems, young people can get in a downward spiral, accepting tough, low-wage jobs and living from day to day.

The organisation YEP-Tanzania aims to reverse this spiral, by giving young people the chance to become entrepreneurs. To accomplish this goal, YEP-Tanzania provides them with a free trainings programme, with the duration of one year. After this trainings programme, these young adults will get a loan from YEP-Tanzania.  This loan will allow these youngsters to start a business and become an independent entrepreneur that is able to support his family and sends his children to school, creating an upward spiral with more education, better nutrition and more opportunities.  

YEP-Tanzania is facing challenges that prevent them from fully reaching this goal. Our project aims to analyse these challenges and come up with solutions to improve YEP. To make our project as impactful as possible, and to ensure continuity for the years to come, a collaboration had to be started with the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). Furthermore, we also needed to raise money to provide starting capitals for the entrepreneurs, graduated from the YEP-Tanzania programme.

 All these tasks combined led to the following goals for our project:

  1. Evaluating and optimizing YEP-Tanzania’s loan approval process.
  2. Helping the most competent entrepreneurs to start up their business.
  3. Setting up a fruitful collaboration between the University of Dar es Salaam, Sengerema Foundation and Delft University of Technology
  4. Advising and supporting the current group of active entrepreneurs on the potential improvement of their businesses.
  5. Helping the Sengerema Foundation with the founding of a new CBO in Sengerema.
  6. Working out the idea of a small business centre to stimulate the cooperation between the different entrepreneurs.
  7. Providing starting capital for future entrepreneurs.
  8. Analysis of the business climate in Sengerema.

 A considerable part of the project related material can be found on this open research page. In addition to that, this material is mainly intended to give general insight in our project. As part of the information gather by the project team includes confidential material this is not published on this page.

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