8 - Empowering the youth of Molo

A research on how to create perspective for the youth of Molo, considering the social and cultural complications



The project

Kenya is an amazing country with some big complex problems. We are Chris Berg, Jochem Michiels and Ivo van der Horst and we would like to solve one of these problems. Our goal is to create jobs and perspective for the jobless youth of Molo, in Kenya. Explore, connect, plan and execute: those are the four key activities we will be performing in the time we will go to Molo. Since we are the first group ever of the TU Delft to go to Molo, we will be exploring the region and the possibilities for starting a company in the beginning of the project. The next phase is to connect to the youth: we will organise activities that stimulate the connection between us and them, but also we want to enlarge trust between the citizens themselves, since the tribes don’t get along very well. After this we know what the young people need, and we’ll make a plan for the future.

House neighbors

House of the neighbors, sacked during the 2007 post-election violence



In Molo the sisters of the congregation of the Incarnate Word have settled down to rebuild the society that was still suffering from the setback caused by the 2007 riots which affected the area severely by that time, causing many people to leave and abandon their livelihoods. Now people are gaining trust, because the sisters started a kindergarten and health care facility at their location. Also a school is in the process of being built. Now people are returning, but the scars of the former conflict between different ethnic factions are still being felt and on top of that many young people are without a job.


African farm - Walking home from Muchorwe secondary school

The area of African Farm, near Muchorwe secondary school

Our Mission

Create perspective for the youth in Molo by laying a basis for economic prosperity. We wille make contact with the youngsters, create trust and cooperation and explore with them income generating activities. How? We have to see for ourselves when we get there. The possibilites range form low inpact with high feasibility to more difficult options with higher impact but lower feasibility.


Follow us!

This means a big adventure is about to happen! We don't know yet what we will do, but we do know it is going to be great! Follow the project via this website. We will update it constantly, including photo's, updates, news and stories!

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