Greenhouse Farming Siaya (group 5)

On this introductory page, you can get to know our project, meet our team and find out who our commissioner is! All corresponding pages on our open research and beyond have been referred to with practical links.

Hi! We are Martijn, Kasper, Robin and Taco, four students from the Technical University of Delft. Last September, we started our minor International entrepreneurship and development; a time span of 6 months within our bachelor program, that broadens our perspectives. Our group started off as two distinct groups, with distinct projects. Kasper and Robin's project however, had to be put to an end because of some local difficulties. So we're one group now. A meet the team can be found below!

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After three months of preparations and research in our multi-disiplinairy team, we flew to Kenya to start our internship. For three months, we would dive into the Kenyan culture to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of Siaya. Our project was commissioned by a Dutch foundation, called 'school and schooling'. A foundation that mainly focusses on providing educational programs to the region of Siaya and that has been very successful in doing so, to say the least. The foundation now wants to broaden their impact by establishing a more reliable food supply for their schools and institutions, and that's where we come in. George Ochieng Ohanya is our local supervisor. George is the one on the picture below and has meant a lot to his own community. He has dedicated his life to helping others and has been a very good mentor to us. Click here or here to find out more about the 'school and schooling' foundation! If you would like to see an useful map of Siaya, click here!


Our project is about the sustainable development of the agricultural sector of Siaya county, with the vision to eradicate both poverty and malnutrition. We haven chosen to use the technology of greenhouse farming to do so. We started our project with research, after which we decided what exactly the problem was. Then we decided a short-term and long-term scope, which defined our activities for the next months. The long-term plan of out project is based on a lease-structure for greenhouses, in which the foundation grands credit for a greenhouse, but also offers guidance in the entire chain of activities that is needed after the greenhouse purchase. Curious? Read more about our project plan here!


During the final weeks of our internship we had arranged everything in the preparation of a transition towards greenhouse farming. We managed to build the first greenhouse for a farmer from the Siaya Farmer Cooperation. As a team, we're proud of this final result!

In our workspace you can find collections, with even more collections or articles in them. Down below you can find a clear overview of what our workspace has to offer! All articles understandable for outside readers, have been published to share our work. 

Our final report is not included in the overview below. Instead, it can be found here.

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