Bondo Greenhouse Project (4)

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What do we do?

At the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST), in Bondo (Kenya), research has been conducted on the improvement of the technology and capacity of the smallholder farmers of Siaya county.

In last year's project, two greenhouses have been built on university grounds, including a water harvesting system. This year these greenhouses are supposed to function as a training center for the smallholder farmers of Bondo region. In these greenhouses a course will be given that provides the smallholder farmers of Siaya county with agricultural-, entrepreneurial- and greenhouse farming knowledge. The agricultural knowledge is widely applicable to all sorts of cultivation and will lead to less harvest failure and efficiency.

Last year, course material has been developed together with students from JOOUST. This year's project focusses on the optimization of the greenhouses on university grounds and the execution of the course on greenhouse farming that has been initiated last year. Besides that, we'll endeavor to design a reasonably priced greenhouse that can be used to improve the capacity of the smallholder farmers. This design might in the future be offered to the smallholder farmers in combination with a plan for them to pay the investment back.

All the research that had to be done and reports that had to be written in order to prepare ourselves well for this educational adventure, can be found in the workspace. Have fun reading and please contact us in case of questions or comments!


Who are we?

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