Vending Tricycle – CooP Uganda

Developing a delivery and courier service with a bicycles

A NGO in Jinja Uganda, CooP-Uganda, has a Pedi-Teksi that isn’t used. To finance their social project, an income generated by this Pedi-Teksi is desirable. To generate income, a new purpose for the Pedi-Teksi has to be found. The aim of this research is to look into different option to fulfil this purpose and whether this is feasible. Besides that, this research will show if it is possible to modify the Pedi-Teksi and if a profit can be made when applying this new purpose.

To this end, a market research is carried out, designs for the modifications are made, the modification is executed, a pilot is run and a business plan and marketing are drafted.

The market research has pointed out that a grocery delivery service to residents and eventually hotels, restaurants and guest houses is a promising business. Besides a delivery service, a vending service of cooled products on the streets Jinja also seems to be a good option. By combining these two services, a new concept is created. One bike that has multiple purposes. This new concept is called Chameleon.

While drafting different designs and doing research on different parts, it appeared to be best to use a refrigerator of 35 litre proved by SolarNow. The hood will be extended to provide shade for the vendor and the frame will get an striking appearance.

During the pilot that lasted two days and vended sour milk, it became clear that the Chameleon attracts a lot of attention and as a result, the sales go up. When applying a direct and proactive marketing strategy, the increase in sales is even bigger. Regularly, the sales are 25–30 items in eight hours. With the Chameleon, the sales increased to 40 items in six hours. While using a proactive marketing strategy, the sales rose up to 50 items in two hours. The Business plan pointed out that the business of the Chameleon is profitable and that during the first year, an average profit of 419.000 USH will be reached.

These results indicate that there is a big chance that the Business of Chameleon is feasible. However, these results are partially based on the pilot, that only tested the vending service and only lasted two days. On this basis, it is recommended that the pilot of the vending service will be extended and that the plans to run a pilot for the delivery service will still be executed.

Who are we

This project group consist of Jasper Sauer, Johan van den Heuvel and Anne de Boer. These three students all have a different academic background, Jasper is an architecture student, Johan a student of industrial design and Anne a student of technology, policy and management. Fun fact: the three of us will all turn 22 when we are in Jinja. We look forward to finally get the chance to go to Jinja to execute the project we are preparing so hard here in Delft.



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