19- The Bamboo Factory Nicaragua


Bambú Social is an amazing team of students and volunteers, aiming to improve the life of the people of Nicaragua. 

In November a team of 8 students from the Delft University of Technology travelled to the forests of central Nicaragua to build a bamboo processing factory. This happened in cooperation with Stichting Samenscholen and under supervision of Prof. Dr. J.O. Kroesen. 
For years, the "gold of the jungle" has been a fairly unpopular choice in building, whilst Nicaragua houses one of the strongest bamboo species on earth. 

We are there to change just that, and contribute to the progress of a developing country by creating unique business opportunities.

From November to January a bamboo factory was built where bamboo could be treated and dried. The fast, efficient and sustainable treatment of bamboo has always been the core goal of the construction.

The bamboo treatment allows bamboo to last up to ten times longer in the humid conditions of Nicaragua. Where normally bamboo would rot away in just five years, it will now have a lifecycle of fifty years

Education has been just as important as construction. From past projects and experiences we have learnt that creating opportunities means educating and building together. We are not there to just give. Workshops and overall education by doing have always been central in the building process.

This means that in the future, with just a small investment, bamboo housing will be available to everyone, everywhere.

By building the factory with bamboo and volunteers from all over the village, we ensure knowledge is spread and bamboo building is promoted.

Together, we build a future!





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