Eileen Raaijmakers

Hi, my name is Eileen! I am a 22 year old student Clinical Technology; Which is about healthcare, innovation and technology. Together with Thirza, Tobias and Martijn I am working on the Pokot Resource Centre project in Kenya. This project immediately caught my attention because of my interest in development issues, especially concerning healthcare. Furthermore, I have an adventurous attitude myself which drives me to explore places I haven't been before. I enjoy travelling and (out-door) sports, such as sailing, surfing and snowboarding. At the same time I am close with my family; Being around friends and family is certainly important to me as well.

I am excited to go to Kenya since I have never been to East-Africa before. Yet I have done some development work in the past in South-America. I am highly motivated to make the most of this project, so we can help the local community as much as possible!