City Rhythm

City Rhythm is one of our longterm research programs. The research is carried out by Delft University, AMS Institute and 6 cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zaanstad, Den Haag, Helmond en Zoetermeer with the support of the "Digitale Steden Agenda", a network organisation around smart cities.

Student Project Groups of the LDE Minor Responsible Innovation participate in the research. Students study and explore rhythms and interventions in rhythms in the 6 different cities.

This research aims to enhance the sense of security in a specific neighbourhood by stimulating social cohesion through the creation of shared rhythms. Rhythms can be stimulating and rhythms can be detrimental. Rhythms can discipline people and rhythms can facilitate self-organisation. Rhythms can nurture well being and rhythms can indicate when something is wrong. Work in progress and first results of this exploratory research ar published here. 

In this collection you find the ongoing research material.

Read the manual for showcases and workspaces here