Sustainable Urban Development

With an expanding world population, how can we guarantee sustainable urban development?


The materials in this collection come from the MOOC Sustainable Urban Development and is part of the  educational program of the AMS Institute. The AMS Institute (short for Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) is a new scientific institute located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was founded by TU Delft, Wageningen UR and MIT. This MOOC was produced  by TUDelft and WageningenUR. 

Sustainable Urban Development demonstrates the fact that there are no simple solutions to grand challenges! The challenges cities face today require a holistic, systemic and transdisciplinary approach that spans different fields of expertise and disciplines such as urban planning, urban design, urban engineering, systems analysis, policy making, social sciences and entrepreneurship. This MOOC is all about the integration of different fields of knowledge within the metropolitan context. The course is set up in a unique matrix format that lets you focus on your area of interest while following a specific metropolitan challenge or a specific theme. 

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