Student Results/showcases

All minors have in common that the students do research and share their research with each other or with the involved stakeholders.

This research is peer reviewed by fellow-students, stakeholders and teaching staff. After approval, the research is published as an open resource.

Published student work of the year 2016/2017 is presented here. You will also find an archive of the results from 2015/16.

'Publication' here refers to 'web-publication'. Student results will be published here so new students and the general public can learn from the research results of the students.

Before, during the teaching period,  there is a peer review process among the students in which they give feedback to each other. This takes place in the protected study area on this open research platform which is only accessible for registered students and stakeholders. After research, and when results are interesting, students can do a request for publication of their work. Professors can approve such a request. When available, this approved work of the different minors and courses can be seen here.



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