RI Rules and Regulations

Regardless of the university or bachelor programme where you have your main registration as a student, the General BA Course and Examination Regulations of the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University applies to all the courses (Thematic Modules and Student Project Group) in the RI minor:


The minor consists of two courses of 15 EC. Each course of 15 EC is subdivided into 4 courses:
- 3 Thematic Modules of 4 EC each;
- and the Student Project Group (SPG) of 3 EC

Erasmus students with a minor space of 15 EC can follow only the first course of 15 EC in the first Quarter. TU Delft and Leiden students need to follow all courses in Quarter 1 and 2 (in total 30 EC).

In order to pass the minor, you need to obtain a minimum grade of 6,0 or higher for all courses: this means a 6,0 or higher for all the Thematic Modules and a 6,0 or higher for the Student Project Group.

There are no course grades given between 5,0 and 6,0: a 5,50 and higher will be rounded up to 6,0 and a 5,49 and lower will be rounded down to 5,0. Outside this range (5,0 - 6,0) all end results will be expressed in a round number or a number with one decimal.

4.3 Re-sits

You are allowed one re-sit per examination. It is not allowed to re-sit an examination or assignment for which you have received a pass (6,0 or higher). It is allowed to re-sit an examination or assignment which you haven't done during the first occasion. The re-sit consists of an individual assignment and needs to be discussed with the teacher of the course in line with examination regulations. The re-sit assignment has to be done within a month after completion of the assignment it is a re-sit for.

In case you are granted an extra re-sit by the Board of Examiners (see 4.4) this re-sit has to take place within study year 2016-2017. This means you have to complete the minor within one study year.  

4.4 Complaints and Requests

In case of complaints or requests, students of all three universities can address them to the Board of Examiners of the Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University. E-mail address Board of Examiners: nog in beraad.

On the website of the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University you can find more information and download the relevant forms: