The documentary has a recorded voice-over. The script for the second pathway is written below, explaining the position of the tourist in the years up to 2065.

Preservation pathway of Hanna:

Hanna; “Well, I became a fan of Texel because of my grandmother. She came here in 2020 because of all those great Texel products, you know? 

At first, as she told me, there were only these potatoes from the salt farm but afterwards they sold more and more tasty Texel products. My grandma used to bring food bought here to the mainland. I really love the cockles they are harvesting right now!

And…., so nice, in 2020, she got soooooo inspired by how the Texelaars turned all their waste into compost, that when she came back she even did it herself! And you know, the weird toilet that we have, that doesn’t flush at all? It was also Texel invented! We all found it real fun, but for the Texelaars it seemed just mainstream.

I remember grandma loved nature so much! The dunes, the beach, the view - it was amazing, pure Nature. The rabbits, the sheep, the colors of the sky, the field, she loved to see the flowers grow.All the conditions on Texel were perfect. Tourists loved it.

And then, the flood of 2031. How they didn’t see it coming? Everything was destroyed. The farmers lost their jobs and the sheep died. So sad! My grandma, she is a really sensitive lady, she sticked to her good Texel memories hoping that this paradise would recover soon.

Luckily, the Texelaars, as a strong community, managed to rebuilt their dreamland. and they started to think really big! The way of entering, for example, totally changed.

I remember, when my mum came here in 2035, she was able to catch one of the individual  drones taking her to the island and she was totally blown away.  

Jeffrey; Did she really take those drones? That’s awesome!!

Hanna; Yeah its really cool! She was a little bit scared, but it really fitted with all the other technologies going on at that time. There was actually something happening on Texel, everyone on the mainland was talking about it!

When my mum was looking for a place to relax, Texel was her favourite place. Especially the spa! I remember her telling about this amazing nano-shower that could clean you that well that it felt like having a new skin. You could even let your make-up be automatically applied.

Once she met this lovely lady. She was really an artist with food. You could tell her exactly what your favourite flavours were, and she could 3d print something out of it only using ingredients originated of Texel. 

Jeffrey; That sounds really utopic, was she really able to get all the ingredients from the island itself?

Hanna; Yes, she was. They had this mark that only Texel powders for the 3d printer.. And they were really strict. I heard they kicked out a company that had been using herbs in them grown in Germany.

And yeah, I started to visit Texel with friends as well.  I really enjoyed the whole experience of all the technology that kept evolving, like the supporting line-app. I could have all the information I wanted about the wildlife of the island, just using my phone. And the hologram thing, have you heard about that? You could see the wildlife of Texel before the disaster, so cool.  

Jeffrey: Was this followed by the virtual reality then?

Hannah: Yes, it was 2045 when my mum came across this interesting concept from a local woman named Sophie. She was selling the Texel virtual reality experience at your own home. This sounded really great to her. Getting out of your daily business without having to travel to the island? How awesome! 

Jeffrey: Yes, i still enjoy it sometimes!

Hannah: Yeah! She really liked the fact that she could be at Texel without actually being there... but apparently the Texelaars didn’t like this. By the year of 2049 the streets of Texel were empty. It was sooo sad!

And in the same time, the rise of the sea-level made visiting nature too hard. It was then, when in large parts of the Netherlands the sea had taken over again and other parts were totally covered with buildings, as people had to gather together in the remaining land.

Jeffrey: Oh sounds terrible! But, have you ever experienced virtual travelling?

Hannah: Mmmmm I wanted to book the Texel virtual experience with Sophie like my mum did, but I wasn’t able to reach her. So, I just decided to go out and visit Texel. But you know, now, it is a totally different experience from what it was before. It is fantastic! Getting to the island with this super bubble transport system, moving both on the land and the sea! That’s great! 

Jeffrey: Yeah, I love it too!

Hannah: You know,when I got to the island I also found out that Texel had revitalized all the nature as it was in 2035! They actually found a way to influence the weather in order to create the perfect environment for nature to flourish. 

A couple of days ago I visited a farm that perfectly shows how Texel is organised right now. You should go and visit yourself if you haven’t yet!

Jeffrey: Yeah, that would be great!

Hannah: TexeI feels like a Paradise! I wish this could be possible in the rest of the Netherlands as well. At Texel I am finally able to totally relax at the beach, do my working out and feel complete again. 

Jeffrey: I have heard that the virtual reality experience is still possible. We could relive our Texel holiday at home for a reduced budget!

Hannah: Hmm I think nothing can be compared to the experience we are having at the moment!