The Distributor - Supermarket


The butcher of the spar only worked with local products, meat from lambs, cows, etc. from nearby farms. He said the meat is more expensive as someone from the mainland has to come over to check the quality of the meat. However it is still bought by the locals (as it’s still cheaper than BIO-meat). We should pay attention to the possible devaluation of the ‘Echt Texels Produkt’ brand as it’s currently being placed (or used) on things that aren’t really a Texels product (Some café’s sell real Texelse coffee, but coffee beans aren’t produced on the island. The brand can be added because the cookie added on the side is made on the island). He also said there are too many brands, no one really knows what they mean. Locally grown vegetables are actually cheaper.




The owner of the Spar told us he actually went against the vision of the franchise, because they want to focus on sustainability and locally produced products. We think it’s important for entrepreneurs to be stubborn and fight for the sustainable vision they have. We asked him if it would be a good idea to start a magazine focussing on recipes and interviews on how the foods are produced, but he said it might not be necessary as people already know who produces what as they’re probably ones neighbour.