2065 - A day in the life

Last night I slept four hours. Nowadays this is no problem, where it was fifty years ago. I get up and feel full of energy and fresh to start the day. I do not feel any hunger, because I ate in my sleep. It was delicious. What shall I do today? I have so much spare time since all those wonderful technologies, I hardly know what to do all day. For fun I keep some cattle to provide me from some homemade products.

When I go to see some people, I step into my IFO (Identified Flying Object) to see some friends. It already knows where I want to go, it read my mind. Sometimes it is scary because you do not have control on these things. When something breaks, I cannot repair it because it is a too complicated machine to understand how it works. Where do I make friends? There are special designed spaces for meeting, activities etc. Houses are small since we meet, work and live in other spaces.

At the end of the day, I have a long evening to do fun things. So I chat with colleague students and when it is late I watch a, what they called, TV show. Nowadays it is projected in my mind by brain implants. Good night.