12 of January, 2065

First day of winter vacations in Texel.

We rented a beautiful cottage by the sea, really old-style! Reminds me of the years when I was a student in the Netherlands… Seems like a lifetime since then; should have been 50 years ago!

First thing, scan my body with the health device to see if everything’s fine and upload the results to my online health profile… At my age I need to be careful all the time.

Now, I should order some food. There is a screen on the fridge…Hmm I have to find out how this thing works! Why they keep changing these things all the time; how am I supposed to keep up with continual improvement of technology? Perfect! I found the list of all the local shops. Let’s pick up some local meat and vegetables. And milk and fruits of course! In like half an hour they will be tele-transported here.

I should call my children at some point. Where is the phone? Hmm the internet connection is slow, I don’t know if my hologram is going to be clear for them to see me….

No cars are allowed on the island so I rented an electric bicycle yesterday upon my arrival. The battery is charging through a small PV panel. It’s funny how old fashioned this technology seems. Ha ha! I wish my grandchildren could see the old crappy bicycle I used to have at their age! Now it's all about flying cars and hybrid motorbikes...

After having a proper well-cooked breakfast (finally, after all this 3d printed food back home), I should go for a ride. Who could imagine that the platform with the wind turbines they once designed for just a part of the island, now surrounds the whole island making it not only energy efficient but also a seller of electricity to the surrounding areas! I have never been there before, sounds amazing!