My life in 2065

I wake up in the morning by the sounds of whistling birds and first detach myself from my health monitor. The screen shows I’m 100% recovered from my training of yesterday, that my muscles have grown by 0,5% and that I’m fully charged for a beautiful new day of my life. My battery had some problems charging lately, but it seems to be working properly again. It means my biomechanically enhanced function will work again.

A robot delivered my freshly made breakfast already that he just partly picked from my garden. Today it seems I’ll have fresh baked bread, like in the old days, made from local products. All is based on my health report, that shows what products I’m missing and what I need less.

It’s not important anymore where you live for your work or study, since you can just teleport everywhere or work in a virtual world at home. But Texel is a place where the metropolitan cities didn’t arrive, it’s a place where nature can still be found and is appreciated. That’s why I like to live here.

Then it’s time to study.  I connect myself to the study machine, and the courses of today are loaded into my brain.

I like my virtual worlds, but I also like social contact, and still visit my friends and family physically. Also school is important, to learn how to make social contacts.