Students life in 2065

I wake up naturally at 8o’clock, my “sonar” tells me my battery is full. I come out of bed and put on some slippers form recycled plastic. My sonar tells me, I need to eat first, because mine nutrition level is very low. The sonar tells me exactly wat to eat, drink and how to prepare it, so all vitamins, nutrition’s and carbs are filled. I feel happy and healthy. The sonar helps to create a balanced body with a high resistance, so I never get cold. After breakfast my sonar tells me to brush me these, with a natural homemade pasta. No additional supplements or chemistral products are in it. The pasta is based on natural cleaning bacteria. The solar tells me not to shower, because it’s not needed. Showering every day is bad for the skin, good bacteria and water use. The sonar tells me how I should dress for the day, t-shirt with short sleeves and shorts, because it’s will be a warm and sunny day. I wear smart cloths, these close breathing, take care for my body temperature and are made from recycled materials.

The solar tells me it’s 9 o’clock and the first lecture of today is uploaded on the internet. I watch the video and directly ask questions in the forum. The lectures of this moth are about mechanics. So a lot of calculations need to be done. This tricky matter and hard to understand. Other students will also ask questions and starts answering each other. After the lecture we supposed to do the exercises of that day, this need to be done online before 22:00. I decided to wait after the meeting, because I’m really confused. My sonar tells me to drink a cup of tea with honey.

It’s summer and really nice weather. My sonar tells me it, would be healthy, to go outside and catch some sun for the vitamin D. I’m chilling for an hour. Then my sonar tells me to start eat some lunch. I made some pasta on its advice with salad. After I finished I clean the kitchen with cleaning bacteria.

My sonar tells me to go to the meeting room, on the other side of the island. I take the bike, because I have time, it’s nice weather and healthy. At 1 o’clock, we meat a professional, a local person who is educated in this and helps me to finish my homework.