My life in 2065

My life in 2065 will be really easy. I would only have to focus on my job and family. At that time I will be a grandmother, having two children and six grandchildren in total. For example doing groceries would not be necessary as those are delivered at home. 2065 will be a combination of local products and global products, easily brought to your home. You can decide what and how much you want exactly, there are no limits. If you want to have fresh Falafel from Libanon or “Mellouis” from Morocco you can order this at the local producer’s and let it fly over by drone to your home. It should be there within maximum a few hours.

I would be living in one of the cities of Texel in an energy producing home. Texel would be more dense then, concentrated in the cities. The other spaces are free for nature to evolve.

Family and landscape are really important then, as we waited too long with the sustainable transition. Fossil fuels do not exist anymore. We rely on sustainable energy sources.

We do not need new materials. Everything is produced from what there is already.

My family would live all around the world. It would be easy for me to see them as 3D visualisation will be possible including the experience of senses. You can be there without being there and you can be at multiple places at once.