Sleep and human contact

This story is a short description of the daily life I foresee in 2065. The goal is to not be restricted by realistic boundaries in order to feed the discussion about innovative ideas later this week.

I wake up after a perfect night –again- because the technology integrated in the bedroom is optimizing my bio-rhythm and sleeping conditions. No more backpain, neckpain, dizziness, cold, warm, noises during the night. My personal digital assistant wakes me up whenever a serious event has occurred. The clothes are gathered by my intelligent wardrobe while I shower. A single click on the digital touch wall presenting the different looks I want this day is enough for it to go around and find my clothes, perfectly washed, dried, ironed and stored.

But breakfast, as all social moments on a day, is kept personal and human, without much technology involved. Pretty much everything that takes time and effort in the household is made digital and automatic. This is not as scary as people though 50 years ago. We all have more time now for real values in life. Face to face, warm and careful contact with kids, family, friends and community is one of the biggest values in this life. Together we are more than the sum of us separately.