A life in 2065

Energy: All of the energy my family is using is produced in our garden and in our house through high-efficient small solar panels installed on the roof (which look much nicer than the ones in 2015) and also tiny wind turbines, which are completely silent. We also grow algaes in our garden so we have a buffer of energy needed for winter. Basically as a house/small neighborhood, we are completely self-sufficient and not relying on neither any big players of the energy sector nor the decisions of the municipality. In general the technology is very efficient and well functioning, but very subtle and almost invisible; we as Texelaars of course do not want to ruin our beautiful nature.

Technology at home: the systems at home are controlled by voice recognition, responding only to people, who are authorized for it. For a stranger, house will not open, will not heat up, will not function. The 3D holograms and smart screens is the way through we entertain ourselves, communicate with each other (while “skyping” a 3D almost real vision of the person is projected next to us as if he was sitting right next to us), get knowledge. However, all these smart systems can be completely turned off if wanted; it is important to life as “back in the old days” for certain time. Reading a book in front of a fireplace cannot be exchanged for any technology in the world.

Food: most of the vegetables and fruits I eat are seasonal and from my own or the shared garden in our community; such food is local, bio and not using any chemical to grow up. However, thanks to the sensors checking the weather forecast, the air and earth humidity and the quality of the plants, we do not loose any crops in the production due to bad seasons. There is a operable greenhouse on top of the garden and extendable roof, which could be used in case of danger of these plants. We, as locals got tired of getting food from all around the world and we are experimenting and using our knowledge to grow bigger variety of fruits and vegetables.

Society: My grandchildren still go to school every day as it s very important to interact with the other people. However, the way of teaching has changed a lot; much more interactive and depending on what the particular child is good at than just same system for everyone in order to “fulfill some requirements”. Each kid when small is doing a series of intelligence tests and is being observed and discussed with in order to trigger the best qualities and preferences of the child and the education, specially adapted for each child, helps to evolve these qualities and makes it more fun for the child to learn. Thus many teachers, very well trained also in psychology and sociology, are present at schools to guide the children. The sense of community is very strong on the whole island, I know about all the people and their capabilities and tiny business across the whole island- if I need I can contact anyone and he/she help me with anything I need.