Texel in 50 years

Every day I have breakfast with locally produced food which is transported into my fridge automatically using robots which I instruct via my personal ID. The rest of the household is also done by robots, so that I have time left for myself, friends and family. The personal ID is a small digital device which is integrated in your wrist, unfolding as a phone, computer, laptop, camera, headphone and everything else you would need. Also all administration is saved here, such as bank cards, transportation card, social security numbers, ICE contacts and personal preferences. All transport consists of automated vehicles which fly through the air and are used upon order. Biking and walking is only used for leisure.

My job consists of inspiring people to develop their ideas into take action, both on the personal and business level. Practical actions are easy and cheap because of digitalization, but social interaction and change is still as hard as it used to be in the old days. Therefore, I host inspirational workshops in which people find their strength and develop their personal ambitions.

Education for my kids is mainly online, meaning that theory is being distributed while they are at home. They meet up every day in the afternoon with the classroom (containing mixed ages) where they discuss the theory and do exercises and group work. The digital system tracks their activities at home, to make sure everybody keeps on track.

Social interaction is the glue of society. More than ever (and because people have more time since practical stuff is taken care of by robots) people organize themselves in leisure groups, associations, voluntary work and local activities. These activities give a sense of meaning to life.