Soren Hermansen from Samso

Nordic Network for Adult Learning & European Lifelong Learning Magazine

I am an old friend of texel and some years ago i visited texel a number of times. I worked with Texel energy and before that i worked with Stiftung durzaam texel (sorry about my dutch).                         
We do focus a lot on education too. We are working on a nordic program for sustainable education - see the webside
We are very sorry that the folk high school closed. It is not a school for young people though. It is a school for people from all of denmark so primarily people from outside samso island. So it did not harm the local education.                                                                                                         
I think you need to talk to people froim the school system if you want details or talk to Malene from the Academy who is the education and communication person of the academy                                   
best and greetings to Texel