On-site research: Mobility

In order to collect useful information about the situation of the transport in Texel, a survey has been made to be filled by the local people. This will serve us to contrast our inception of the weaknesses of the system with the opinion of its users. Consequently, the results of the survey should serve as well to determine if the concepts introduced to solve these weaknesses come with the acceptance of the public and, therefore, are feasible measures to make Texel more sustainable. The idea would be to ask people of different ages and different lifestyles in order to get significant information.

The questionnaire is as follows:

Characterization of the interviewed

o   Sex: (M/F)

o   Age:

o   Occupation:

o   Place of residence in Texel:

Use of private car

o   How many times a week do you do island-mainland trips? Which mean of transport do you use to do so? What is the reason for the trip?

o   How many times a week do you use the car for transports inside Texel?


o   How adequate would you rate the island for travelling by bicycle?

(Very poor/Poor/Acceptable/Adequate/Very adequate/Excellent)

o   In your opinion, what aspects of Texel’s cycle network could be changed to improve?

o   Have you made use of any bike rental? How would rate the service in general? Any comments?

(Very poor/Poor/Acceptable/Adequate/Very adequate/Excellent)

Public transport

o   How many times a week do you use the public transport inside Texel?

o   Rate the following aspects of the public transport in Texel:

  • Frequency
  • Punctuality
  • Accessibility to the island’s locations
  • Comfort

(Very poor/Poor/Acceptable/Adequate/Very adequate/Excellent)

o   What is your opinion on the new mini-buses?

o   What aspects would you change of the public transport in Texel to make it more adequate to your needs?