3.3. Analysis of current trends with respect to objective


As mentioned in chapter 1, there are multiple problems on Texel that need to be solved. The population is low educated in comparison with the Netherlands, there are few job opportunities, the available jobs doesn't seem to match the quality of the population, the business opportunities are small. All these problem are a result of the lacking educational system. The fundamentals in primary education are lacking, this results in arrears on secondary school. While students are very young and traveling or living on their own to get the higher education like MBO, HBO or University is a large step and many are not willing to take that risk. 

Criteria that were made in chapter one said a goal to educate and raise all native born on Texel itself. With the education, the band with the community need to become stronger and make connections with the island itself. A higher percentage of students need to reach educational level HAVO and VWO on the secondary school and need to flow more easily to the MBO, HBO, and University. The bridge between secondary school and higher education should become lower, so more students are willing to attend this kind of education. While providing this on the island, there still is a possibility to go off the island. On this moment this is only 85 students because there is a job opportunity for them on the island, 80% should return. 75% of the working class on the island should be involved within  sustainable projects.

As a conclusion, it was said that the goal is 'to design and establish a high-quality, life-long learning system in Texel, that is supported by new educational and technological trends which promote production and diffusion of knowledge enhancing local population identity and sustainability’.

Section 3.2 showed that there is not yet a clear future vision for the educational system. Pilots are being done, some more successful than others. In the table underneath all major systems are explained, with positive point and how these can contribute to the goals that are said in chapter 1. 

 Table of education types, qualities and enrichments for Texel



Invention in Texel

Added value

Digital learning

Intensive learning, active learning, interaction with students, teachers and professionals in EU, personal guidance, autonomy

1)      Start with digital books

2)      Digital exams

3)      Connect digital educational system with Netherland

4)      Online courses and active projects

5)      Add focus on sustainability


1)      100% born and raised on Texel

2)      Added quality of education

3)      Enlarge change of more students following HAVO, VWO, HBO and University

4)      Increase sustainability


New way of learning

Active, independent, natural and open mined

1)      Active learning system

2)      Free choose courses

3)      Eagerness to learn

4)      Add focus on sustainability

1)      Improve the return back ratio

2)      Improve educational quality

3)      Increase job opportunities

4)      Increase sustainability

Adaptive learning

Relationship between students and teachers, exploring competence, create sense of autonomy

1)      Start to enrich competences

2)      Boss of own schedule

3)      Build new relation with teachers and students

4)      Add focus on sustainability

1)      Improve the return back ratio

2)      Increase job opportunities

3)      Increase sustainability

Connection between secondary school and MBO

Relative low step, job opportunities, improved business climate

1)      More practical education in secondary school

2)      Digital education and 3d visualizations in MBO, HBO

3)      Connection with local practices to become teachers

4)      Offers job opportunities on the island

5)      Add focus on sustainability

1)      Increase job opportunities

2)      Increase educational quality

3)      More students will follow MBO, HBO

4)      Increase of sustainability


 Texel already started with the first step of digital education and the connection between secondary school and MBO. But they could do so much more. All educational types are heading toward to mentioned goals and in combination, they would work very effective. The total quality of education would improve when knowledge becomes available online, it will be studied actively with the direct connection with students, teachers and professionals. By doing active projects that are related to Texel and it's community and sustainable questions the students will create a strong bond with the island and are willing to return if they choose to study abroad. People should dare to dream and go on further and explore themselves. While doing so, they are free to plan their lives, to can follow leisure activities during the day and study in the evening. This makes the community alive and flexible with a lot of activities and interactions with a strong identity and self-awareness. 

While studies become wide available and job opportunities changes, life-long learning becomes more attractive. Retraining becomes easy and people become more fitted for the jobs what increase the business climate on the island.