Samsø Højskole

How is highschool education in Samso?

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In the bookshop opposite Ms. Nauntoft’s appliance store, Liselotte Andersen, 50, a sales clerk, said “it became natural for us” to embrace the energy project. The project was also crucial, she said, to provide islanders a sense of purpose, and jobs. The island has no high schools, so older children leave for boarding schools or live with relatives off-island after grade school. Many do not return.

Two of Ms. Andersen’s three sons are living off the island. Asked whether she thought they would return, she replied, “We hope some will come back.

“I think the eldest will come back,” she added. “If he found a small farm.”


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The high school in the island of Samso closed in 2012:

Difficult economic conditions and too few participants, according to the island's College reason that the more than 25-year-old high school already at the end of this month go out of business.

"We are sorry to have to disappoint so many students who are on their way to summer high school, but unfortunately we have no option but to cease operation now," says superintendent Claus Kjær Brandstrup in a press release.